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Forensic scientists and psychologists often repeat that mass murderers want to get caught. I’ve never (fully) believed that. Now, there’s massive evidence to the contrary, that the worst offenders in history are desperate to avoid disclosure.

The case is Jane Does 1-10, et al v. David Daleiden, in which he as an investigative journalist is seeking information about the public employees working in a research lab at the university and what they’ve done, and abortion facility personnel.

They all “want their involvement in research using aborted baby body parts to remain secret,” according to officials with the Thomas More Society, which is representing Daleiden in this case.

They “have gone to court to force heavy redactions to the public documents. However, that is contrary to the law, which says that those documents must be released because they detail their work procuring, processing, and transferring the organs and tissue of aborted babies in connection with the university’s large taxpayer-funded fetal tissue research program,” the organization explains.

“Washington State’s Public Records Act requires full disclosure, but a lower court ordered the redactions, holding that the First Amendment required them. A panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit reversed that decision, unanimously holding that the district court had not provided the facts and law sufficient to make a ‘clear showing’ that the U.S. Constitution requires the heavy censoring of these public records. The case returned to the district court and is now, again, before the federal appeals court,” the group explained.

A ruling on the concealment demand is expected shortly, but the legal team said Circuit Judge M. Margaret McKeown called it a “very interesting case.”

This First Amendment claim is as hollow and misplaced as the viability-lump of tissue BS from Roe, et al.

And, how bad and pervasive is the problem? Unimaginable in scope. For the most part, I have tended to concentrate on the 700,000 – 1,000,000+ abortion murders per year in the US. That’s bad. But, it’s only part of the 41 MILLION murders committed worldwide every year – the leading cause of death.

Abortion was the number one cause of death worldwide in 2018, with more than 41 million children killed before birth, Worldometers reports.

As of December 31, 2018, there have been some 41.9 million abortions performed in the course of the year, Worldometers revealed. By contrast, 8.2 million people died from cancer in 2018, 5 million from smoking, and 1.7 million died of HIV/AIDS.

Debased women, associated worthless men, and their profit-seeking enablers commit a World War every single year. Purely satanic.