Changes are here and more are coming. America isn’t the country it was, even twenty years ago. The steadfast refusal of the average people to comprehend what’s happened and what’s right around the corner is simply astounding. Vox, on the horrors:

The near-total inability of the American people, and the U.S. government, to recognize the full horror of their situation is not exactly new. …

At least the Spanish people of the 19th century realized that they had been invaded and they were at war. Today, despite having been invaded by a force 250x larger than the Napoleonic army that invaded Spain, the American people still completely fail to understand that their country, their culture, their government, and their traditions are being fundamentally altered without their will or their consent.

Rather than a refusal, it could be an inability. In place of previous Spanish knowledge, the Americans have football, Farcebook, diabetes, screens, and tattoos.

If you’re reading this, and you understand what I mean, you’re the resistance. And, remember, saving the West may mean moving back East.