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Will not be a good thing. Sadly, many (maybe most) public schools are now, to one degree or another, converged to the point that education and instruction – the supposed core functions – take a back seat to the new god, diversity. This plan is failure at all costs.

New York is facing an educational disaster. Mayor Bill De Blasio’s socialist plan to end meritocratic entry to New York’s famed specialty schools – in performing arts, hard sciences, engineering, academic achievement – in the name of racial equality, is about to trigger a huge white flight. And not just white flight, Asian flight. Here’s an excellent report from New York Post columnist Karol Markowitz:

In a push to improve diversity at District 15 middle schools in Brooklyn, Mayor de Blasio last week approved a plan to remove admission standards at all of them.

If there’s no pretense even of academic rigor, what’s the point in attending. Many, as the article points out, won’t. They’ll take the tax base and flee. And, those proficiency percentages I like to cite? Prepare to watch them plummet.

PS: Wherever your kids go to school, take a close look at all those SCREENS. I’m aware of the irony – me typing this before one screen and you reading it off another – but this new tech age might just be a raw deal for humanity.