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***Note*** I’ve got a lot of drafts sitting around, some in existence and unpublished since 2013. It became obvious to me that I’m in no hurry to get around to them. But, they’ve survived various draft purges over the years. If they’re that important I can just come back and elaborate later. For now, I offer them, kind of as-is, in this, a lightning publishing round. The fun will continue while supplies last. Make of these what you will. Or not. I don’t care.

Another post of title only. Maybe it’s better this way. Few can recall.

The other day I strolled the halls of an elementary school, a relic from the ’50s or ’60s. By the library, on the wall, the local Rotarians or someone had once built a shrine to law and liberty, old America-style. I admired it for what it was. However, I noticed two things – at the least – were missing. One was the Magna Carta. Its exclusion was understandable; resort to lex 1215 AD is kind of like keeping a Diplodocus at the zoo. What’s the point.

However, also absent were the Articles of 1781, also leaning towards the ancient. For the recent “refugees,” the tattooed, and other neo-American trash, this was the original founding federal document, sandwiched between the Declaration and the Constitution. It was in keeping with the former, vastly superior to the latter. And, today, forgotten.

Oh well.

Read, if possible, for yourselves.