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Vox and his readers pondered the potential limitations of the Posse Comitatus Act regarding military repulsion of the invading hordes. In my expert opinion, there are none.

As a reader noted, yes, the NDAA’s and other laws have taken what teeth there were out of the PCA. And, even intact, it doesn’t apply here. The sole purpose of the US military is to defend America, particularly from outright and open invasion. The PCA is a criminal statute, unchanged and never prosecuted (even once) since its inception in 1878. So, Mr. Trump, use the army, use all necessary to secure our borders. Then drive out the existing hosts and their rabid supporters (to include meddling federal judges) herein.

This, here and at VP, is the thought simply prohibited at the circus of social media (the new mental concentration camps). Forego the stupidity.