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It’s a beautiful day for a home invasion, a beautiful day for a riot…
(Apologies to Fred Rogers, RIP).


So! It seems a few Americans – true blue patriots, every last one – didn’t get the message about the cure-all effect of last week’s lovely little election. Heck, it’s almost like some things got worse. Odd.


Maybe they were overreacting to M.B.’s dissin’ of the Newton County Republican Party. Maybe they were on a bad peanut trip. Maybe they’re just a bunch of sad, mentally-deranged communist thugs out for blood and mayhem. Whatever the reason, those beacons of hope to cockroaches everywhere, Antifa, paid a visit to the home of Fox News star Tucker “Red Pill Works” Carlson.


Image from Fox News.


“Smash Racism, D.C.” – a Perrin-described band of poorly-groomed, malodorous, low-IQ, out-of-shape, violent, savage, criminal Marxists – showed up in force. Rumor has it that they barricaded the street to prevent local police from doing something other than ignoring crime (like that was going to happen – especially in this case). They chanted. They chanted some more. In the name of Lucifer and to the memory of Stalin, they chanted further.