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I find it amusing in a way that the US will immediately and without hesitation drop bombs in Syria for absolutely no reason at all. Yet, when it comes to defending our country from actual invasion, absolutely nothing is ever done.

Watch as the newest horde scrambles across the border.

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And, they’re not sending us the very best.

I suppose we really might be out of serviceable A-10’s after all…

Good news! Opposite that last link, we have at least one Christian Pastor left in America still ready to stand up for Christianity. And he’s not backing down.

Compare and contrast that hard stand with what’s happened of late in Ireland. They legalized just about every form of depravity on the Emerald Isle. Now, some feign shock and outrage when rape suspects get off based on “what she was wearing.” One thing leads to another…

There, and here. Welcome the world, become the world.