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Last night, not content merely spreading post-election terrorism via Twitter (it’s okay, they’re communists), a mob of wild savages gathered outside the home of Tucker Carlson:

A group of protesters congregated outside what they claimed was Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night to chant threatening messages.

Smash Racism D.C., a self-described “anti-fascist” group, posted a video of their members screaming obscenities at Carlson’s house and blaming his “policies” for the deaths of thousands of people.

“Tucker Carlson, we will fight!” the protesters chanted. “We know where you sleep at night!”

In the first video posted to Twitter, one protester can be seen ringing Carlson’s doorbell before running away.

Yes, this is a preview of 2033. Yes, this casts doubt on the already too low American average IQ. But! It also happily brings to mind an old ad for one of our former nation’s finest products!


Tucker, they still sell these.