It’s pumpkin time.


Music for that scary night when all the little Bernie Sanders wannabes come calling:

Immigration! Election! Killer Robots!

There. Got that out of the way…

Now: the music for Great Pumpkin Night:

Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon, 1978.

R-2221286-1345014745-6414.jpegZevon (RIP)/Asylum.

Werewolves, Alternate Take, Zevon, 2007 Release. I know more than a few people don’t like this version. Then again, more than a few people can be wrong. Cool, jazzy, and you always have the ability to listen to the damned original…

Long Cool Woman, The Hollies, 1971. No Halloween, per se, but fits with:

Devil Woman, Cliff Richard, 1976.

Evil Woman, ELO, 1975. All these women…

Witchy Woman, The Eagles, 1972. More women…

Self Control, Laura Branigan version, RIP, beautiful, 1984. The best-looking artist on the list.

Legend of Wooley Swamp, Charlie Daniels Band, 1980. Lucius Clay approves.

David Pumpkins –…

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