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I don’t subscribe to Jane’s, but I understand there are at least a few functioning Thunderbolts left in service. One is all it would take to stop the newest foreign invasion column. The one that really IS a national emergency.

So, for the second time this year, it appears President Trump is ready to send more US troops to the border, as he said in a tweet Monday morning that he’d notified the border patrol and military that this is a “national emergency” while reiterating that the blame lay with Democrats for refusing to change our “pathetic” immigration laws.

The president also claimed that “unkown Middle Easterners” had become “mixed in” with the caravan.

And since Honduras and Guatemala did nothing to stop the migrants despite Trump’s requests for assistance, the president added that we would be cutting off aid: “We will now begin cutting off, or substantially reducing, the massive foreign aid routinely given to them.”

7,000 strong, well funded, growing and advancing daily. They’re not coming to as refugees; they can’t. Refugees must stop in the first “safe” country they come to. That’s MEX, not the USA. They’re not coming to assimilate. At best, they’re coming to loot. At worst, to conquer. That’s what invasion columns on the ground do. Luckily we have an aerial platform to deal with that threat.

And, no, there is no reason to actually shoot any of these invaders. Here’s how it could work:

  1. Tell MEX to stop them or there will be immediate (but very limited) US military intervention (we do this all the time – we’ve done it with MEX and they’ve done it with us);
  2. Hold off until the column is in the clear, with a long stretch of highway ahead;
  3. Have a single A-10 fly over them as low and slow as possible – let them see it;
  4. A-10 peels back around, very slowly, and then – miles ahead of the front of the column, sets up a gun run;
  5. Engage GAU-8 Avenger canon – cease firing well ahead of closest hostiles so as to leave them completely unharmed but very scared (the sight and the sound);
  6. Another low, slow fly-over, this time dropping leaflets, “You Have To Go Back.”

They would.