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Two things:

First, a while back I mentioned a journalist in Malta, murdered by corrupt elements in the government (one of them). She was back in the news following yet another politically-motivated hit job.

A popular Bulgarian journalist who had reported on an investigation into alleged corruption involving European Union funds was raped and beaten to death, authorities said.

The semi-nude body of 30-year-old Victoria Marinova was found in a park in the Danube town of Ruse on Saturday. She’d been beaten with such force that she was unrecognizable, according to the Federation of European Journalists.

Marinova is the fourth high-profile journalist to be killed in Europe since the beginning of 2017. Her death follows the alleged slaying of a Washington Post journalist in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Second, recently I mentioned Robert Redford and the end of an era, an American era. Now, Redford says he doesn’t recognize his own country. Our reasons, I suspect, differ, but we can agree on that. Actually, there’s probably little in common except for acknowledging the era passing.

And, so it did. Terrible shame out of the EU (and upon it).