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The Fake News “Resistance” now, after decades of atrophy, seeks to protect the Constitution. Or something. Whatever it is, they’re aiming to protect against The Trump. Oddly, said Trump is the last vestige of hope for possibly restoring any semblance of Constitutional order. If he fails, then it’s over and we might as well let it go. “It” being the old Republic, now more of memory than an institution.

Trump. Trump. Trump. Russia. Russia. Russia. Fake news, impeachment, and indictment.

My old friend, Ken Starr says a sitting President can, in fact, be indicted for crimes.

“I think the president can be indicted,” said Starr, who led the investigation into former President Bill Clinton‘s sexual misconduct with Monica Lewinsky. “But that is not the position of the Justice Department traditionally.”

“The basic point is we do not have an authoritative resolution on the issue,” he said, noting it “cannot happen, as I see it, under Justice Department policy that’s enforceable on [Special Counsel] Bob Mueller.”

“No one is above the law,” he said. “And so in my judgment the president can in fact be indicted.”

I respect my friend’s learned judgment – as to his theory. But he seems a little caught up in the past. We are in a new and different place, legally. He’s probably correct – in theory – the president could be indicted.

However, a sitting president could now use (“legally”) something like the following to preempt any criminal proceeding:


Paper indictments do not stop AGM-114’s. NRO.

Do you like the new legal/political landscape? You know, if we’re honest, you voted yourselves into this imperial place. Pleased? If not, then say five “Hail Constitutions,” go forth, and vote no more, my children.

That, or hope Trump has a cool head and an iron constitution (not one of paper). Trust the plan?