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We remember, those of us who can, the events of 9/11/2001.

The horror and disbelief of the day certainly come to mind.

The rest? What, exactly, do we know these years later?

Terrorists dead.

Foreign agents arrested and then spirited away as fast (and as quietly) as possible.

Anomalies ignored and dismissed. No explanation of seismographic readings, titanium diboride residue, extreme temperature readings, disappeared physical evidence, or of how a small office fire, isolated and self-extinguished, managed to collapse a 47-story steel-framed tower (a first and only known occurrence). And more.

A narrative from Mordor, unchallenged, and endlessly echoed by the enemies of the people.

No real investigation.

A ceremonial investigation obstructed at every turn.

Ceremonial investigators, tiring of the obstruction, resigned, calling the farce a farce.

Underlying issues and possible causality unaddressed, made worse in fact.

War, waged though undeclared, against wholly unrelated nations and people. Still in progress. Even the pretense of strategy abandoned. $Trillions spent. Decades wasted. Millions displaced. Hundreds of thousands dead.

The domestic population subdued, frightened into seeking constant “safety” from hobgoblins most imaginary. Rights lost, forgotten and mostly unwanted.

The Patriot Act.

Homeland “Security”

Body scans.






Enemy combatants.

A State deeper than ever.

It’s likely that as many will wake up have already done so. Our one possible known hope is that a certain President successfully uses the excesses of the power elite against them. A thin hope at best, but still something to cheer.

Before we vow to never forget, it might help to at least first know what we’re not forgetting.


WTC 7 even gets the memorial spotlight shaft.