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If you’re a young, hot pop star (and, hey, I know my audience…), then consider strongly going with the known, hard-line concert-bombing tactics of overseas fanatics rather than the lurid, lecherous, lurking variety displayed by the homegrown terrorists.

Consider Ariana Grande’s experience at a recent funeral – in a church of all places.

After singing a tribute to Aretha Franklin, Grande was promptly insulted by the presiding Bishop, at the same time he went all Weinstein on her.

His Church is All About Love … and Molestation…


…and One Groping… I think Jesse wished it was him. AFP.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, had the young performer turned around, she would have surely noticed Slick Willy eye raping her.


Like that wolf about to cook the little lamb in the old cartoon…

She did a great rendition too. Beware!

UPDATE: It seems a bigger controversy may surround one eulogy wherein an Atlanta minister preached a little hard truth. Hmm.