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The Chief FDJ SLag really won’t like what’s coming- of her own making.

CHEMNITZ, Germany (Reuters) – Far-right demonstrators clashed with leftist protesters in the eastern German city of Chemnitz on Monday after an Iraqi and a Syrian were arrested over a fatal stabbing that had triggered violent demonstrations.

Police said they brought in water cannons after fireworks were thrown from both sides, causing injuries.

State and local officials appealed for calm as thousands of people took to the streets and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman said Germany would not tolerate “vigilante justice”.

The unrest reflected a growing schism in German society after Merkel’s government allowed about 1 million asylum seekers to enter the country in 2015, triggering a shift to the right in German politics.

Import an army of violent savages. Experience the predictable results. See your own citizens naturally upset. Side with the savages. This, Slag, will supercharge the vigilantes. Idiot.


At least that other failed Chancellor left some plausible art.