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The call went out from the Boston Globe. 350 newspapers and outlets across the fruity plain have answered.

Nearly 350 news organizations are set to publish editorials on Thursday pushing back against Donald Trump’s attacks on the media and defending freedom of the press.

The publications are participating in a push organized by the Boston Globe to run coordinated editorials denouncing what the paper called a “dirty war against the free press”.

As of Wednesday morning, 343 publications had pledged to participate, said Marjorie Pritchard, the Globe’s deputy managing editor overseeing the opinion page.

The Guardian has also joined the effort and has published an editorial alongside outlets around the United States.

I’ve only read part of one (and they all promise to be different). The one I looked at was from the Chicago Tribune – written by a dog

“I do not usually pay attention to human politics,” Zoe wrote by “dictating” to Huppke. “I prefer more pleasant things like sniffing my friends’ butts or rolling on a dead bird in the backyard or eating things that will make me throw up.”

Zoe adds that Trump is “not being a good boy” by using “dog” to attack political opponents, and that it makes her “want to growl” at him.

“I think you are calling people dogs because you think that makes them less than human,” she writes. “My human says that’s something that ‘fascists’ do. I don’t know what that means, but it makes me think you are not being a good boy.”
The letter asked Trump to stop referring to humans as dogs and to “start realizing that humans and dogs are both great and deserve respect and lots and lots of Milk-Bones.”

And Fido there probably presents the best the mainstream media can offer. “Fascists” sounds like “racists” and “Nazis.” They literally cannot come up with anything new. And can you imagine the fallout if Trump offered Omarosa a Milk-Bone!?

They, all of them, miss the point. I set the record straight in today’s TPC column, which I assume is coming along any hour now… More then. I’ll run that here, then. And I’ll be liking the main post on Facebook (about all I do there). And I’m forwarding my piece to the White House.

On the Facebook front, if you’re still there, you’re there at your own risk. Do you even know what Zuck knows about you? You can find out. And, if you’re with the press, FB has issued you an ultimatum: join or die. I wonder if they’ll at least offer Milk-Bones…


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