Seems appropriate for a rerun, given tomorrow. And … I’ll soon have two literary announcements. The rug (picture) also features in this week’s Independence-themed TPC column. Stay tuned.


Over the past few years I’ve pared down my belongings considerably; everything I own will neatly fit inside my vehicle. My rule is: if I don’t really need it or if I haven’t used it in about six months, it needs to go. This cuts down on clutter and makes running from the law easier. I forget a lot of things so this also helps me not have more junk to worry about losing. A very few things, however, I hang onto in defiance of my better (?) judgement.

For instance, there is my beautiful bicentennial wall rug, that until today I had once again forgotten I possessed.

IMG_20160807_182256471 - Edited

I’ve had her for almost forty years. Only twice, for short periods of time, have I properly displayed this unique work of art. Most of its life has been spent rolled up in a closet. I do not need this item and…

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