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Watch the TSA molest a 96-YO Woman in a Wheelchair. This keeps us safe from them tar’ists!

Nearly 9 million people have watched the video — and many have weighed-in about the security pat-down of a 96-year-old woman in a wheelchair. The screening happened at Dulles Airport in Washington.

The woman’s daughter complained that the 6-minute search was quote “prolonged and repetitive.”

A woman can be heard criticizing the TSA agents in the video. “What the hell do you think she’s going to do? Set off a shoe bomb?” she asks.

Honestly, there’s no thought involved, unless it’s a sadistic pleasure in harming innocent Americans. And, NEVER utter “bomb” in the presence of these clowns – surefire way to get arrested…

For their part, Dulles, who by their FB avatar, promote the month’s “diversity” in flaming fashion, issued a banal call for calm: “Shut up and enjoy the groping! Have some pride. Tasty ethnic food.”

The woman’s indignant, surely intolerant daughter spoke out:¬†“She didn’t know what to say. She does not want to fly again ever. She didn’t know what they were looking for. She was scared,” Clarkson said of her mother. “She was just following directions. She said she didn’t know what to do.”

No one knows what to say to a robber or rapist, if “Die, MF!” isn’t an option. Who the hell would want to fly these days – the sheep among us excluded? Likely, they didn’t know what they were looking for; it’s all theater. People should be scared. She just followed directions, they were only following orders… What to do? Well, when a hard sweep and an ax kick to the throat aren’t an option, there’s avoiding commercial aviation entirely.

You voted for this shit. You tolerate it. Many willingly undergo similar treatment. A few brag about the same. Treatment for nothing. This has nothing to do with fighting terror. No one is “kept safe” from this BS. Worse than anything George III ever did. Odds are, upon seeing this video, he would urge¬†rebellion.

At your own peril, people.


Did she thank that hero for his service? CBS.