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An interesting, subtle, and telling admission from The Guardian and the media guardians of the Deep State. The tinfoil hat factory had better turn it up a notch. Many thanks, as usual, to Vox Day:

Even its proponents are now admitting its existence and are worrying that it might have gone too far:

America doesn’t have coups or tanks in the street. But a deep state of sorts exists here and it includes national security bureaucrats who use secretly collected information to shape or curb the actions of elected officials.

Some see these American bureaucrats as a vital check on the law-breaking or authoritarian or otherwise illegitimate tendencies of democratically elected officials. Others decry them as a self-serving authoritarian cabal that illegally and illegitimately undermines democratically elected officials and the policies they were elected to implement.

The truth is that the deep state, which is a real phenomenon, has long been both a threat to democratic politics and a savior of it. The problem is that it is hard to maintain its savior role without also accepting its threatening role. The two go hand in hand, and are difficult to untangle.

Next, as the chips may fall, the media will insist it was always aware of and against the deep state machinations. Then, anyone who questions that will be a conspiracy nut. Keep your eye on the ball.

What does this mean? Who knows. I’m still not completely convinced there’s a “storm” coming, as useful as that would be. One can hope. There’s no doubt, call them what you will, there is a crooked band of Satanists lurking just under the surface. I am convinced, come what may, most of the public will remain willfully ignorant of or indifferent to the truth.

If, when all this proves reality, America, what will you do about it? The remote, the brewers, and the tattooists await your wise, informed decision.