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At least nine people are reported dead after an assailant drove a rental van down a sidewalk in Toronto. From the National Post:

The federal public safety minister says there is no information in the wake of the incident that would lead the government to change the country’s risk level.

Canada’s current level is Medium, meaning that a violent act of terrorism could occur, and has been at this level since October 2014.

Public safety minister Ralph Goodale says the government cannot come to any firm conclusions about the van incident at this stage.

Toronto Mayor John Tory said he planned to join those on scene as he extended city support to the investigation of an incident he described as “very tragic.”

“My thoughts are with those affected by this incident and the frontline responders who are working to help those injured,” he said in a statement.

Medium. Violent attack could happen. Looks like they called that one right. Thoughts by but no prayers in Secular City.


Canadian Press/Frank Gunn.

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What we know:

No motive yet, say police.

G7 meeting in town today.

Ryder van.

Driver fled, then resisted arrest.

Driver had gun in gun-controlled Canada.

Nine Dead.

Super-PC city and country.

Most diverse city in Canada (47% foreign born, 51% “visible” minority [51% seems majority to me…], 40% Asian, to include Middle Easterners, Islam second largest religion).

Diversity + Proximity = War. It’s hard to have diversity without DIE.

People talk about “tasty ethnic foods.” The ones not run down might eat some later.

If terror, then suspect was known to authorities.

No calls for #vancontrol from Trudeau, Hogg, CNN, Old Man Stevens, or any of the other lying commies. I may have to drop that satire; I’m growing confident that, after #knifecontrol, vehicular controls will be next.

Maybe I don’t need the satire anyway. A look through many of the comments on some news stories tells me people are starting to get it.