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Hello and Happy Easter!

This being the first of April I had wanted to play some sort of April Fool’s joke. Time being what it is, and this being Easter, I give you the most foolish thing I could quickly think of: this picture of popular star, influencer, and media darling, David Hogg (who most definitely is NOT a crisis actor):


The Hill.

Young Hogg has unwisely drawn the ire of Ted Nugent. The Motor City Madman deemed the constant, whiny, and orchestrated attacks by Hogg and his troupe, “ignorant and dangerously stupid … soulless.”

I don’t think the standard SJW shriek and swarm tactics will work on Ted. They did work on Laura Ingraham, who is going on a “planned” vacation following the departure of over a dozen of her advertisers. That happened because of Hogg’s hissy fit.

So, this guy wants the spotlight when it’s convenient for the cause (of spreading communism) but not when it cues someone else’s free speech. The left used to be big on free speech. Remember that? Berkeley? Yeah. Now, offend their tiny sensibilities and off with your career. That’s what he’s doing: a woman, a single mother no less, speaks her mind, and he tries to get her show and livelihood destroyed. His rabble on Twitter are more than happy to play along. This is America?

Everyone plays along: adherence to the narrative. Predictable, preventable, lamentable school shooting. Hogg. Complete abdication of the facts and statistics. March for Our Lives. Actually, it wasn’t all scheduled in that order. The March, says the Metro DC Police, was scheduled “several months prior” with “several months of planning.”



I thought the Florida shooting, ONE month earlier, proximately caused the March. Several months?

Make that several years of planning, decades even. This has been an ongoing movement since long before Hogg (or I) was born. He’s playing right into it nicely. Just as these lowlifes are happy to steal a single mother’s employment (Hey! Where’s NOW and the #metoo brigade??), they’ll be just as happy to steal the AR-15s, other firearms, Second Amendment, and freedoms of all Americans. I imagine the theft would continue thereafter. That’s what serial thieves do.

At least this troupe is entertaining, with the marches, magazines, and hysteria. But it’s still just Petrushka agitprop for the numbed masses. ‘Merica.

Tomorrow! A fun look at what happens to your Capital’s murder rate once the good subjects are disarmed. Stay tuned. Happy April.

Musical BONUS!

John Paul Stevens and John Paul Jones have similar names. I think they’re about the same age too. Anyway, with so many apologies to the great Johnny Horton:

John Paul Stevens was a communist,

and a communist was he.

He lied over here, 

and he drooled over there.

And he didn’t want Americans free.