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It’s not just for the amusement park anymore. Not-so-amusingly, it again takes a spin at the White House. H.R. “War with Russia” McMaster is out as NSA and John “War with Anyone” Bolton is in. I’m sure your confidence is as inspired as mine. Not even going to attempt devil’s advocacy here and now.

On a very tangential note, I watched a moment or two of Tucker Carlson tonight. He lamented the new fascism coming from places like the socials and the banks. That is real if limited. So, what’s to be done? Plenty. There are personal and legal routes, sure to be tried by a few.

But, with all these neocon nuts floating around (like Love Bugs on a windshield, no?), I thought: hey, they all love the enemy combatant approach! Why not declare all the corporate tyrants, who subvert democracy in the name of profit and feels, as enemies of America? In a way, they really are. The answer, from the Cons, is that they love that dreadful idea so long as it gets applied to brown people in the sandier regions. They’re probably not to keen on using it against their wealthy friends.

Anyway, just a few thoughts. Maybe more than was prudent this late. Out.