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Vox Day offers a few suggestions for E.O. action on gun control:

In any event, this is what I would advise instead of doing nothing and trusting the states to be sensible.

Arrest Dan Israel, take Nikolas Cruz into custody, stop the demolition of the school, and order an investigation into the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, the Secret Service, and every other federal, state, local agency that had any contact with that school in the last six months. Then publish the results of the investigation and have the DOJ prosecute the various guilty parties.

Criminalize the public advocacy of gun control, using the anti-BDS template. Any television or radio station advocating gun control would lose its broadcasting license. Any corporation advocating gun control would lose its federal contracts.

Announce mandatory carry reciprocity between states on pain of losing federal highway funds.

Stop all federal funding to all universities, colleges, and schools that ban guns on campus.

Announce an executive order suspending all state and local gun control laws.

I think we’ll see my suggested E.C. designations before any of this. But, hey, nice thoughts. I also recommend adding a DACA-esque “program,” sure to be mandated and defended by the Courts, to halt enforcement of all federal gun laws – Deferred Amnesty for the Second Amendment, or DASA!

And … at least I didn’t react to the Trumpishness quite like the Z Man.

Good on ya, Vox!