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Some companies are standing with the NRA, others are breaking ties. Note: this all has to do with the NRA’s nonexistent role in last week’s school shooting. You remember? The shooting with the ever-changing narratives, heroes who milled about doing nothing, psychotropic meds, all those calls to the police and the FBI, and the coast to coast active drama club?

Anyway, those companies:

In what may be a pivotal moment for American gun law reform, the National Rifle Association has become the object of intense pushback from anti-gun activists and survivors of last week’s mass shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 dead.

All the attention prompted the gun-rights group to break from its usual strategy of keeping quiet after mass gun deaths. NRA officials have gone on the attack to rail against the “politicization” of a tragedy, and going so far as to suggest that members of the media “love mass shootings” because of the ratings they supposedly bring.

The uproar has once again presented companies affiliated with the NRA, and its powerful pro-gun lobby, with a question: to cut ties, or to continue a relationship with a large but controversial group?

The NRA partners with dozens of businesses to spread its pro-gun message and provide discounts to its members, who number 5 million, according to the group. But this week, some companies have begun to jump ship.

Read the lists – the names keep growing both ways. Any boycott is, of course, a matter of corporate right. It’s still a nominally free country-shaped place. And it’s good to know who irrationally dumps on the largest sporting organization in the country and its members. A little feel good press and cheap communism never hurt either.

Just remember, by this “logic:”

The next time there’s a plane crash, it’s Delta’s fault;

The next time your network gets hacked, Norton did it;

The next time your car breaks down, TrueCar did it.

*Actual causality need not apply.