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The cops: DO NOT talk to them.

Mike Flynn, today, surely reflects on his fateful decision to discuss matters with the FBI. The FBI are the police. Thus, one should not speak to them.* If you’re not talking, you’re not lying. If you talk and they say you lie, you’re a liar. You get convicted. Felony. Their B—-h going forward. Blah. Blah.

You have the right to remain silent for a reason. Remember that. Anything you say can AND WILL be used against you.

All this talk about “Ty Cobb” have anyone else thinking baseball?



*The exceptions would be if you’re superhuman or if you’re talking to a cop, over beers, in his driveway about something that doesn’t really concern either of you…

Okay, Happy December. November, and prior months, have been pretty slow. I’m thinking about a “lightening” round to clear out drafts and such without much additional commentary – and to boost reading, etc. This would be an example. Look for more. Click.

The Christmas ties are coming…