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We need car control and truck control – common sense vehicular controls.

Whether it’s the confused elderly, pizza-slicing soccer moms, “refugees,” terrorists, or the ordinary everyday insane, this motoring madness has gone far enough.

A driver ‘suffering from acute schizophrenia’ ploughed into a group of Chinese students leaving a college in the suburb of Blagnac, near Toulouse, on Friday.

Three people were injured, two gravely, in the smash at the exit of Saint-Exupéry high school, in south-west France, before being taken to the nearby Purpan Hospital.

The driver, 28, who deliberately committed the attack, is known to police but was not on a security watch list. While being arrested he admitted to hearing voices telling him to hurt someone.

A driver ‘suffering from acute schizophrenia’ ploughed into a group of Chinese students leaving a college in the suburb of Blagnac, near Toulouse, on Friday

The three victims are Chinese students – a 22-year-old man and two 23-year-old women.

This college campus comprises of several postgraduate courses including journalism, computer science, real estate and business.

The unnamed driver has been arrested following the incident.

Local media report the man is known to suffer from a psychiatric disorder.

Times have changed. The ultra-powerful, modern, assault-style cars and trucks of today barely resemble the simple, single-shot, muzzle-loading cars of yesteryear (yet all are really but another evil invention of white male privilege). If that parenthetical thought isn’t enough to warrant a full ban, I don’t know what is.


Assault-style Truck with Chainsaw Bayonet Hood Ornament. End the madness!

One cannot use a car to hunt. Sportsmen (and Sportswomen, Sportspersons, and Sportszirs) do not need cars. You are far more likely to run over yourself with your own car than to be run over by someone else’s. Criminals frequently use “innocent” people’s cars against them. Car show loopholes allow anyone, even terrorists, cripples, and the schizophrenic, to drive our streets with little more than a small operators “license.”

Face the truth: only the police, the military, other government agents, and the ultra-connected, wealthy, right-thinking, and jet set elite need automobiles. You? You’re just not good enough.

This school attack in France, and the 40 gazillion like it, each year, in America, Europe, and elsewhere, proves we need sensible car control to save our children, ourselves, our planet, maybe even our whales.

The blood is on the cash-soaked hands of the AAA, literally bribing Congress this very minute for more lethal death machines on our highways – all for their own selfish profits…

Write, email, or call your local political critters and fish wrapper opinion editors. Tell them enough is enough. The reign of automotive terror must end. Our children deserve better. No child should have to walk to school under a hail of hub caps or spark plugs.

Scream helplessly at the sky!

*This message brought to you by Citizens Against Car Violence, a division of Gun Control, Inc., in conjunction with the Southern Communism Bullshit Center.