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The full release of all remaining classified files could come on Thursday. Or, it might not.

My question is, “And?” Or, maybe its, “So what?”

Jason Hornberger predicts that something will remain hidden or redacted: a pretty good prediction:

“Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened.” (Italics added.)

The operative words, of course, are: “Subject to the receipt of further information….”

What is going on here?

Negotiations. The art of the deal. The CIA desperately does not want to show the American people its long-secret JFK-related records. It has asked Trump to continue keeping at least some of them secret notwithstanding the passage of more than 50 years since the Kennedy assassination.

Under long-established custom and tradition in Washington, D.C., when someone asks someone else for a favor, the person who is in a position to grant the favor demands something in return. That’s where the negotiations between Trump and the CIA come into play. Trump wants something in return. We don’t know what — maybe laying off on the Russia investigation — but his announcement last Friday is obviously part of the concluding steps of such negotiations.

What Trump has done with his announcement is send a clear message to the CIA: “Give me what I want and I’ll give you want you want. Otherwise, I will let all your cherished long-secret records relating to the JFK assassination be shown to the American people.”

Make no mistake about it: A deal is about to be made. The CIA will cave. It will end up giving Trump whatever it is he wants. Trump is in the driver’s seat because the CIA cannot afford to permit the American people to see the records it wants to continue to be kept secret. And once the CIA gives Trump what he wants, he will cave and give the CIA the continued secrecy it so desperately needs. All this will happen by this Thursday, the date set by law for release of all the JFK records that Trump has not blocked.

Think about it: The CIA has asked the president to continue secrecy of records that are more than 50 years old or, apparently, some relating to secret correspondence between the CIA and the Assassination Records Review Board back in the 1990s.

The CIA’s ground? “National security” of course, the two most important and meaningless words in the American political lexicon.

National security? Really?

Whatever definition that one might put on that nebulous term, no reasonable person can honestly believe that the release of 50-year-old records are going to result in the United States falling into the ocean or even that the communists are going to take over the federal government.

The CIA says that releasing its decades-old JFK records will reveal secret “methods” of intelligence gathering.

Really? What, like the CIA was using typewriters instead of computers and pay telephones instead of cell phones?

What is amazing (or not) is the extreme nonchalance of the mainstream media to the CIA’s request for continued secrecy. That should be big news. It’s essentially an admission of guilt, given that it is absolutely ludicrous to think that “national security” would be threatened by the release of the CIA’s long-secret JFK-assassination-related records.

Does any of this really matter anymore? Another question of mine: “What if?”

What if the files reveal the CIA was directly behind the assassination (with or without a second shooter), acting on behalf of the central bankers, with the Cubans as a convenient cover? What if the dream conspiracy turns out to be fact? Then what?

Nothing is what. None of the surviving conspirators (if any) would be rounded up and tried for treason. The CIA would not be disbanded. The Fed would continue stretching the economy beyond the point of no return. The media would say little. The people would care less – if they even noticed.

This, assuming it happened to be true, might have been Earth-shattering in 1977. In 2017 it’s a non issue, behind the Kardashians’s latest … whatever.

How many CIA and other government programs have been revealed to be criminal deceits? What’s one more?

I’d like to see all the information, good, bad, or ugly. But, whatever I’m looking for, a change isn’t it.


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