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Catalans prepares for freedom.

Spain prepares for war.

Catalonia will declare independence from Spain in a matter of days, the leader of the autonomous region has told the BBC.

In his first interview since a disputed vote on Sunday, Carles Puigdemont said his government would “act at the end of this week or the beginning of next”.

Meanwhile, Spain’s King Felipe VI said the vote’s organisers had put themselves “outside the law”.

He said the situation in Spain was “extremely serious”, calling for unity.

Tensions between Spain and the north-eastern Catalonia region continue to mount, days after the vote was marred by violence involving national police.

The Spanish High Court said it had begun an investigation into key Catalan figures on Wednesday on suspicion of sedition – inciting rebellion against the state – including the head of Catalonia’s regional police.

The troops mobilize:

Defense Tuesday ordered the sending of the Army to Catalonia with material and to provide logistical support to the Civil Guard and the National Police. [Translated].

Channeling his inner T-Rex or Abe Lincoln, King Felipe says Catalans “have broken the democratic principles of the rule of law.”

So, according to the monarchist, globalist statists, engaging in democracy is now considered braking democracy. And we pay these people…

It’s also refreshing to see that a government that won’t send a single soldier to halt an invasion from Africa will happily send the army to stop tax protesters.


Democratically suppressing democracy. BBC.

I stand ready to welcome and acknowledge the Catalan Republic.

By the way, this is the beginning of a trend – probably coming to a country near you. Results may vary.