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Not even reviewing the Perdomo – yet. Sitting here, waiting on a storm.

Let’s see…..

There’s Irma in Florida. You knew that.

NFL ratings continue to fall. Heh.

Goldman is losing money and influence. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Vox Day debated Andrew Anglin over whether National Socialism is of the political right. Vox, correctly, said, “no.” Anglin was supposed to take the other side, saying, “yes.” It wasn’t really a debate. Instead Vox made logical, informed, and accurate points while Anglin shrieked about “The Jews” and how little he understands (anything).

A commenter on Vox’s site summed it up as “IQ vs. JQ.” If you can make it partly through the whole hour, you’ll hear the 2 SD (likely 3-4 in this case) Hollingworth IQ communication gap in action. If you read some of the YouTube comments, you’ll see what another 2 SD drop looks like. At least, I sincerely hope you will…

That’s about it. Stay safe Florida.

Early night now…