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That’s what their form editorial letter says in conjunction with their map. All part of the effort to get rid of all things Confederate – in public – in public for now… Have a look. (This has nothing, that I know of, to do with that other story about the SPLC hurrying to get cash overseas as fast as possible).

So much could be made of this yet I remain so tired. And I still owe you the tale of the bugs and such.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe the following just wasn’t enough: actually winning the Civil War; the 13th Amendment; the 14th Amendment; the KKK Act; the end of Jim Crow; Brown; the Civil Rights Act; integration; affirmative action; the death of Robert Byrd (KKK, WV); and the two terms of Hussein Obama. Maybe all that’s needed is yanking down a few schools, roads, army bases, (presumably) CSA graves and, of course, the public monuments.

On the subject of just removal, we could start with that monument to Marx on Washington Avenue in Montgomery.


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