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His first inclination, he said, was to cut the losses. Then, after meeting with the generals, Trump was convinced to carry on America’s longest war:

President Donald Trump opened the door to an increase in U.S. troop numbers in Afghanistan on Monday night as part of a new strategy for the region, arguing against a hasty withdrawal from America’s longest military conflict.

Trump, in a prime-time televised address, said his new approach was aimed at preventing Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven for Islamist militants bent on attacking the United States. He also laid out a tougher approach to U.S. policy toward Pakistan.

The Republican president overcame his own doubts about the war that began in October 2001 after the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States. He said repeatedly on the campaign trail last year that the war was too costly in lives and money.

Maybe another 16 years. Or 60. Not feeling to good about this. He did make some good upfront points about national reconciliation. There’s a thought – fix this country first…

In totally unrelated news I shot a video during the Solar Eclipse. That may come forth soon – it’s not that spectacular. It was maybe like early dusk? Meh.