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We’re number one! We’re #1! USA! USA!

Americans are the fattest people on an increasingly plump planet.

Life threatening obesity has become a worldwide epidemic, with 711 million overweight around the globe led by French fry loving Americans.

A detailed report in the latest New England Journal of Medicine is winning alarmed attention in Washington because it finds that American children and adults are leading the obesity parade.

“The highest level of age-standardized childhood obesity was observed in the United States, 12.7 percent,” said the report.

1 in 5 adults in the OECD area is obese. How does your country compare?

“The United States and China had the highest numbers of obese adults,” added the authoritative study.

Obesity is no secret in the U.S., but the continued domestic epidemic, especially after the former Obama administration declared war on it, is alarming officials.

Rest of the world, keep your high: school achievements, IQs, standards of living, and pleasantness. USA number ONE! Da Super Size Nation!

Fat Americans

NPD Group.

I post this when I should be cashing in… Wrapping up the FP fitness chapter; book forthcoming. Someone needs it…