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Does not appear to be “Aloha Snackbar!” The Swiss don’t really put up with that. It is a case of domestic terrorism to be sure. Five people were injured in Schaffhausen when Franz Wrousis, a lunatic, attacked with a chainsaw. A chainsaw! for God’s sake! I suppose knives are a bit wimpy.

A CHAINSAW maniac who injured five people in Switzerland this morning targeted a health insurance firm before fleeing, police have said.

He stormed into the offices of the CSS-Krankenkasse in the town of Schaffhausen, injuring two employees before taking his attack onto the street.



It is interesting that he became unhinged (was going to saw went off the chain…) seemingly because of (or at least at) a health insurance company. I wonder why? The Swiss effectively have a a single-payer socialized health care system somewhat that like what America will have in five or ten years. However, the Swiss back theirs up almost entirely with services provided by private insurance companies. CSS-Krankenkasse is one of them.

Very interesting.

Also this incident will certainly spark new interest in chainsaw control in Europe and in America. There’s no reason why we must continue to live with the tyranny of the NSA (National Saw Association) and the Billion$$ they spend on Congress each year. No one outside of the military needs a powerful assault chain-style saw. Hand saws will do fine for carpenters and handymen.