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Paul Craig Roberts on the gullibility of Americans and those ever so happy to lie to them:

The false reality constructed for Americans parallels perfectly the false reality constructed by Big Brother in George Orwells’ dystopic novel 1984.

Consider the constant morphing of “the Muslim threat” from al-Qaeda to the Taliban, to al-Nursra, to ISIS to ISIL, to Daesh with a jump to Russia. All of a sudden 16 years of Middle East wars against “terrorists” and “dictators” have become a matter of standing up to Russia, the country most threatened by Muslim terrorism, and the country most capable of wiping the United States and its vassal empire off of the face of the earth.

Domestically, Americans are assured that, thanks to the Federal Reserve’s policy of quantitative easing, that is, flooding the financial markets with newly printed money that has driven up the prices of stocks and bonds, America has enjoyed an economic recovery since June of 2009, which must be one of the longest recoveries in history despite the absence of growth in median real family incomes, despite the growth in real retail sales, despite the falling labor force participation rate, despite the lack of high value-added, high productivity, high wage jobs.

The “recovery” is more than a mystery. It is a miracle. It exists only on fake newspaper.

Chasing and creating phantoms while the economy rots.

And of the economy, rumors circulate that Trump will soon make it four in a row at the Fed’s helm:

President Donald Trump is increasingly unlikely to nominate Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen next year for a second term, four people close to the process said.

National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn is now the leading candidate to succeed Yellen as the world’s most important central banker, these people said. Yellen begins two days of congressional testimony on Wednesday, and her own future in the job may come up in questioning.

If Trump taps Cohn for the Fed, it could enrage economic nationalists in the White House and some staunchly conservative Republicans on Capitol Hill who don’t like the former Goldman Sachs president’s background as a Democrat who generally favors free trade.

And it would spur a backlash from progressive lawmakers who have blasted the president for picking multiple Goldman alums to run economic policy.

While the departure of Aunt Janet would be a great thing, her replacement by the former president of Goldman does not induce that warm, fuzzy feeling.

The best thing about Cohn is that he isn’t a credentialed economist – those have been dead wrong about everything for the past 100+ years. Otherwise, this will be the fox managing the henhouse.

But, hey, it’s now less than two months until football season…

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