This isn’t even the hottest summer. But, needing a quick post to keep things going while I beach it, I give you my definitive list of “fun” summer activities from last summer.


Summers in the South are always warm yet often unpredictable. Some are blazing, burning, horribly hot. Others are mild, they pass into Fall with little fanfare. This one is what I call a slow summer; it seemed to ramp itself up out of nowhere and now, barely halfway through, it’s just hot. Constantly hot. 99 degrees with high humidity hot. I am officially over this season and ready for Autumn.


Being as such, I give you a fun list of things to do in the sweltering heat of July and August:

  1. Sweat. A lot. Outside. Inside. Early in the morning. Late in the afternoon. Better drink plenty of water (before it evaporates).
  2. Stay inside all day pretending it’s snowing outside. Yankees have cabin fever. We develop something similar. It’s really not that bad out there but one gets so comfortable in the air-conditioning. Then, stepping outside, it feels so much…

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