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Wanted murderer and fugitive, Ricky Dubose, is much more special than wanted murderer and fugitive, Donnie Rowe. Just look at his special, unique, meaningful tattoos:


Ricky on the bottom (perhaps as it was in their cell…). WSB, Atlanta.

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Fink sinks the ink.

The two … cellmates are on the run after killing two Georgia prison guards.

Is it that only murderous, low-life, escaped, prison thugs have neck and face tattoos or, could it be that the neck and face tattoos make one a murderous, low-life, prison thug?

I’m sure there’s a deep and spiritual meaning and purpose behind the tats. Isn’t there always?

By the way, if you see these two and have a gun handy, the FBI is offering $130K (dead or alive). Just saying.