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It’s win or lose.

Right now, the losers have it, at least in France. The French decided to forego the pro-French candidate and are even now beginning to reap their rewards. Macron is making the post-Charlie Hebdo temporary emergency police powers permanent.

Emmanuel Macron very quickly made it official: He will introduce a bill which will transform extraordinary state of emergency powers into regular police practice.

According to Le Monde, which saw a leaked copy of the bill: “…almost all the measures of the state of emergency will be found in common law.”

What this means is that the post-Charlie Hebdo war hysteria has not only never stopped, but will have become the new, permanent normal: Anyone can be arrested, searched and detained with just a simple accusation. Judges simply need to be “informed”; police have carte blanche.

So…when can I start referring to France as an “authoritarian state” without getting edited?

Diversity is our strength. It is also a permanent police state. Freedoms lost and the enemy still among them. Nice.

A better, more realistic, and far prettier politician, Rome’s mayor, Virginia Raggi, is screaming for a halt to the invasion. At least a temporary halt.

The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, has asked the Italian government to temporarily halt immigration to the city.

In a letter reportedly sent to Paola Basilone, the prefect of Rome, Raggi (pictured) called for a “moratorium” on new arrivals and said: “I find it impossible, as well as risky, to think up further accommodation structures.”

The mayor, a member of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement political party, explained she was making the request because of the “strong migratory presence” in Rome and “the continued influx of foreign citizens”.

It’s not clear how long the temporary ban, reported by thelocal.it, would last.

According to the most recent figures published in Italy on January 1, 2016, there were 364,632 foreign-born people registered as living in Rome, which has a metropolitan population of about 4.35 million. Foreigners represent about eight per cent of its population.

According to the 2016 census, Italy has a population of about 60.5 million. However, it has experienced a steady flow of African and Middle Eastern migration from Libya in recent years, almost certainly blurring the true picture of how many people live in the country.

Figures released by the National Institute for Statistics in Italy (Istat) today state that more than five million people living in the country are foreign-born – equivalent to about 8.3 percent of the national population.

A temporary ban would be a good temporary start until a permanent ban and deportations can be arranged.


Yes, Virginia, there is a problem. And unless your government and others on the Continent halt it, it is going to overwhelm and destroy Christendom. And soon. The migration is just getting started.

The migrants pouring into Europe have changed routes: the crossing between Turkey and Greece is practically closed, but ever greater numbers are risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean between Libya and Italy.

A criminal industry has flourished, while the European Union has beefed up its border agency Frontex to try to check the mass migration.

Frontex is at once both good cop and bad cop, rescuing migrants from sinking boats but also dropping them off at welcome centres where they risk being sent back home.

Frontex head Fabrice Leggeri summed up the situation in an interview with AFP.

– Who are the migrants? –

On the shores of Greece there are now “80 or 100 people who arrive every day, whereas we had 2,500 a day” before the agreement with Turkey, said Leggeri.

Among those who arrive from Africa via the central Mediterranean and Libya, whose number is up by more than 40 percent, most come from west Africa. They are Senegalese, Guineans, Nigerians. In 2016 they totalled 180,000.

They are mainly economic migrants and include many young men but also families and young women. Nigerian women are often exploited as prostitutes in Europe.

Young men of fighting age, a few prostitutes, and more than a few Jihadists. A lovely, police state-inducing additive. There’s a supply of about 700 MILLION! who would happily invade Europe tomorrow, free transportation allowed. It must stop. The invasion must cease and the existing intruders must be sent home.

The way to stop THIS:

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AFP/Michel Viatteau.

…may be as simple as a law and a sign reading, “No Invaders Allowed.” If that fails…

This Won’t:


Bushmaster / Alliant.

Sink the boats or sink the Continent.

And, now, for a closer look at Rome’s leading lady…


Mayor Virginia Raggi. Now that’s a politician I could support. Getty.