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I cannot put my finger on it but I feel it, sense it. Actually, there’s nothing but wrong with this matter – from end to end.

Reality “Being White is Terrorism” Winner (Real Name) is charged in the Southern District of Georgia with leaking a classified NSA report on Russian election manipulation. Something everything smells in this case.


“What, me leak???”

By the way, this is the face of the NSA (Ft. Gordon and beyond) – and Gen. Y – and crossfit…

Nothing I’ve read makes any sense (especially the “Murican comments here and there). This is either a false flag, a ruse, a diversion, or else the most pitiful spying/whistle-blowing case I’ve ever heard of.

Thanking God I’m not on the Federal Defender appointment short list anymore. Not buying anything, here. And not looking much further into it.

Readers, beware.