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The day or week, I can’t recall, I mentioned a federal court case from Kansas, U.S. v. Cox,  No. 6:15-cr-10150-JTM-01, 02 (D. Kan., 2016). Cox ran a firearms business, in Kansas, and without an Imperial license. Nominally “protected” by Kansas law, he felt the federal formality unnecessary. The Empire took issue and prosecuted him for breaking its illegal gun control laws.

As part of his defense, Cox challenged those laws – all federal gun control, in fact. He sought a declaration of the truth, that all of these laws run afoul of the Second Amendment. He lost. His Motion to Dismiss and his entire position failed; a jury convicted him of something.

Some maintain hope that either the Tenth Circuit or the Supreme Court will reverse the injustice. I, having tried federal firearms cases and knowing the system like few others, know better. I didn’t need to look far into this matter. The legality really doesn’t matter. Freedom from D.C. comes only when D.C. goes the way of Rome. The good news, by that measure, is that it is now about 470 A.D. Tick, tick, tick.

However, the smaller victories come forth on a near daily basis. Today, even the looniest of the lefties – once the most ardent gun grabbers – open tote ARs in the streets. Given enough time, and if they don’t shoot themselves in the process, this may actually turn them into real Americans. The rest of us are armed to the teeth and enjoy one legal success after another.

State after state after state, the gun controls continue to break down. For example, one jurisdiction after another passes some form of “campus carry”, allowing guns at colleges. This improves safety and civic atmosphere. It also has other, unexpected but tangible, benefits.

The prospect of a man or men, armed, in the classroom, drives the communist professors nuts. It also drives them out the door.

An associate professor at the University of Kansas has publicly resigned in protest of the school’s new weapons policy allowing students to carry concealed guns on campus.

Jacob Dorman, an associate professor of history and American studies at the university for the past 10 years, had his resignation letter published Friday by the The Topeka Capital-Journal.

“Kansas can have great universities, or it can have concealed carry in classrooms, but it cannot have both,” he wrote. “Let us not let the NRA destroy the future of the state of Kansas with a specious argument about the Second Amendment.”

Actually, professor, they can have both. The facts of the new law and your departure prove that. This could have far-ranging positive ramifications.

Cox lost but the students of higher education in Kansas won. (The geographic location of both these stories was a coincidence.

The students, now free to carry, are free from the fear of the likes of Abdul Artan or Dylan Roof. Freedom and safety, together. Very nice. And, with the riddance of people like Dorman, they now stand to actually get an education.


This map is already out of date. NCSL.

Dorman, formerly a KU “history” professor, theorized both Amerika and the Harlem “Renaissance.” He wrote a both about chosen black Israelites and is writing one about Black Muslim black magic in the Orient … or something. All to do with Amerikan history, you know. He’ll now do that some place else. Going forward, the Kansas students, while actually learning, will have to come up with their own fantastic fairy tales.

The morals, here, are several. Live free. Humor the idiot empire; pay their bribes and buy their licenses and laugh. Project and protect freedom and intellectualism on campus. Watch the SJWs run.

This is real American history in the making.