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Charles Krauthammer recently said on Fox News that, given the GOP-DNC-Comey-Russia-Trump-media mania and mass misinformation campaign, that the American people increasingly have nowhere to turn for accurate information. Considering that the mass media is mostly owned for four or five large companies, all beholden to special interests and incestuously tied to the crazed government in D.C., it makes perfect sense. Of course, I’m not sure most people want accurate information. Air conditioning, cable, and beer – yes. Info – maybe not.

These trends are doing to the media and reporting what a lack of income has done to retail – killing it, slowly but surely.

Consequently, a new study shows the number of reporters on the streets, digging up facts, is collapsing. A snapshot of the largest media markets over the past ten years or so:


BLS / Apartment List.

Odds are your city has 100 reporters or less. A few places are growing – D.C. especially – but the overall trend is down, precipitously.

At the rate things are going, I calculate that by 2027 we will be down to just 11 reporters nationwide. Two of those will be Russian hackers, the rest robots.

Enjoy the AC and TV.