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The TSA has issued a warning report to trucking companies about ISIS’s designs to use large vehicles as weapons of mass destruction.

Truck owners and truck rental agencies in the U.S. must be “vigilant” about the increasing frequency of “ramming attacks” by terrorists using vehicles as killing machines, according to a new Transportation Security Administration report obtained exclusively by NBC News.

The unclassified report warns owners, operators and rental agencies to protect their vehicles from theft. Entitled “Vehicle ramming attacks: Threat landscape, indicators and counter measures,” the report was sent Tuesday to local law enforcement agencies and private companies working with the Department of Homeland Security.

The report notes that in the past three years, at least 173 people have been killed and more than 700 wounded in 17 ramming attacks around the world. Of the 17 attacks, 13 resulted in fatalities. Five were carried out in France both before and after the Nice attack and four took place in Israel.

With nearly 1,000 victims in year or so, this isn’t idle speculation. The warning seems a little late. And it does nothing to address the knife attacks, shootings, and bombing perpetrated by terrorists. ISIS even suggests their agents use rocks as deadly weapons.

What’s the solution, here? Ban trucks? There’s a lot of them and their rather needed. Ban knives? The same but in even greater numbers. The left would love to ban guns but that’s not going to happen – nor would it help. And there is no way to ban all the everyday items and chemicals that one can use to make a bomb. Then there are other weapons.



Why not just ban the terrorists. Literally, physically kick them out of the U.S. and refuse to allow another single one inside. apparently that’s not going to happen either.

I have a sneaking suspicion about all of this. Government loves to expand its reach and power. The TSA has already made flying a nightmare. Perhaps they wish to extend their intrusive, costly, and useless security theater to the roads? Trucking would be a good place to start. If it was a start. They’ve already been working that plan. And they, and ICE, claim border authority hundreds of miles form any actual border.

None of this I like. I also can’t fathom why my legitimate solutions are routinely ignored. Maybe the government isn’t really out to fight terrorism. Maybe we’re their enemy. That would make them ours.