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The final leg of the French Presidential Election is heating up. Sunday’s vote may decide the fate of the nation, maybe of Europe.

Emmanuel Macron’s majority in the polls is slipping hard and fast as the people consider whether they want an agent of the Rothschild Clan running France. Note: he’s not just a friend or former agent of an associated outfit – He actually worked for the Beast itself.

Last minute endorsements are coming in. The establishment, in Paris and around the Continent, is behind the banker boy wonder. Now, Mrs. Le Pen can boast a far better (and better looking) supporter – Brigitte Bardot.

The French film icon Brigitte Bardot has urged her fellow countrymen not to vote for Emmanuel Macron in France’s presidential election on Sunday, saying you can see his lack of compassion in “the coldness of his steel eyes”.
The animal rights campaigner tweeted to her followers that they should not vote Macron, fearing the situation for animals would deteriorate under his presidency.

“The contempt he gives to animal suffering can be seen in the total lack of empathy reflected in the coldness of his steel eyes.

“Whilst the scandals are increasing, he takes the side of the animal breeders and the hunters against animal rights associations that are fighting with the lobbies that seem to have power over this candidate.”

One of the best-known sex symbols of the 1950s and 1960s, Bardot came out as a supporter of populist candidate Marine Le Pen at the beginning of the year. In a wide-ranging interview with Le Figaro that touched upon cultural issues, Ms. Bardot was asked what she thought of contemporary culture.

“We live in a period when everything is vulgar, ordinary, and mediocre,” Bardot said. “France no longer has the radiance, the majesty it had.”

When asked if she was close to Le Pen’s anti-mass migration party, the Front National, the actress responded:

“I am very patriotic. I was raised by a father and a grandfather who fought for France and instilled in me a love of my homeland. I am not proud of what France is today… I’m not a ‘facho’ [fascist], any more than Marine Le Pen is.”

“Marine Le Pen has the will to take France in hand, to restore borders and give priority to the French.”


Wow! Do as she says… The Independent, UK.

The French a priority in France. Who could imagine that?

The endorsements are telling:

The evil globalist establishment and the original criminal banksters support Macron. A nearly blinding beauty, concerned with beauty and love of her people, supports Le Pen. If you don’t side with B.B., you’re worse than a communist.

Le 7 mai, honorez Bardot – Votez Le Pen. Sauvez la France!