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Bob Owens at Bearing Arms is excited about a case in federal court in Kansas, U.S. v. Cox, No. 6:15-cr-10150-JTM-01, 02 (D. Kan. 2016), that sort of threatens the imperial lock on firearms. Bob thinks this case could (possibly) undue all federal gun control laws.

The federal trial of a Kansas man for manufacturing and selling firearms and silencers without a federal license could very well turn out to be the pivotal case that not only challenges the constitutionality of the National Firearms Act of 1934, but also every federal firearms law ever passed in a battle that will determine whether it is the states or the federal government that has the constitutional right to pass gun laws.

Put bluntly, this could be huge.

Or it could not be huge. In fact, I am confident it will fail entirely. Cox’s Motion to Dismiss, stating all his Constitutional overreach claims, has been denied. In fact, Cox and his co-defendant have already been convicted. Their hope now, what little there is, rests either in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court. In order words, they have no chance.



This case would be important for several reasons if we still had a Constitutional Republic. We don’t. Every single federal gun control is undoubtedly unconstitutional. But the Constitution and the rule of law are now things of the ancient past.

The government simply does as it pleases, lawful or otherwise, and the people accept it  – or go to prison. Rights are now illusory unless they are non-rights asserted by non-citizens or terrorist invaders or banking corporations.

I may or may not look further into this matter. For now, just abide by the edicts of Washington or suffer as Cox does. Your state is no protection at all against Mordor.

Happy Thursday. I’m semi-lie today from Five Points Cigars in Athens. Nice place.