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Security Theater. Useless, pointless, demeaning bullsh!t that does nothing to deter terrorists. *Note: they switched from planes to cars, trucks, and knives (and bombs). Someone tell the idiots on the Ninth Circus. For us, the decent Americans, this is what we can look for why we enter an airport.

A mother who asked TSA agents at DFW International Airport for alternative screening for her son with special needs said they were “treated like dogs” and forced to miss a flight during an extensive security check, according to her Facebook post that has since gone viral.

But the Transportation Security Administration said in a prepared statement that it followed approved procedures to “resolve an alarm of the passenger’s laptop.”

Jennifer Williamson wrote Sunday morning that her son has a sensory processing disorder and that she asked agents to “screen him in other ways per TSA rules.”

An accompanying video shows a TSA agent patting down her son. The agent pats down his backside before moving to his front. She writes in the post they were kept for more than hour in the “horrifying” incident.

TSA disputed Williamson’s account, noting in its statement that the passengers were at the checkpoint for about 45 minutes, including the time it took to discuss screening procedures with the teen’s mother and the inspection of three carry-on items. The pat-down took about two minutes, according to the agency.

Two minutes. Forty-five minutes. 15 years. Who cares? One second of tyranny is too much. With the TSA you have two choices: 1) be irradiated while a pedo records a porno of you, or; 2) be sexually molested. All in the name of “safety”.

‘F it!


Clearly averting a terror attack here…

Watch the video and ask yourself if you want your sons, daughters, mothers, friends, or even enemies treated like this. Do you enjoy it? This is not America.

The courts and their enemy combatant accomplices say terrorists and invaders have rights. We do not. That is plain. Plainly not American.

This is why I do not fly commercial. And if I encounter these bastards at general aviation or an interstate rest area, you will all know about it. Join me or get in line to be raped.