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The UK boldly goes where no European country has gone before!

Theresa May will issue an appeal to the country to “come together” as she formally launches the process for the UK to leave the European Union.

Nine months after the divisive Brexit referendum last June, the Prime Minister will officially trigger Article 50 in a letter that will be hand delivered in Brussels.

At the same time, in a statement to MPs in the Commons, she will pledge to get the right deal for everyone in the UK, including EU nationals living in this country.

“We are one great union of people and nations with a proud history and a bright future,” she will say.

“And, now that the decision has been made to leave the EU, it is time to come together.”


“Dear EU: Later losers.” Sky News.

There’s still a potential two-years of red tape; the exit process could be draconian. Could be – no one has ever done it before. Whatever it takes, it will be worth it. No Brit can serve London and Brussels.

We could have used an Article 50 in that … what was it called? Constitution… The 1860’s might have been a lot more peaceful.

God Bless England!