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A great man once said, “stupid is as stupid does”. Someone in France has a case of the stupids. A seeming terror attack in Lille, France turned out to be a mere, ordinary criminal misadventure.

Although anti-terrorist police were called to the scene, there were later reports the shooting was a ‘revenge attack’.

“A car pulled up outside the station and targeted the three youths,” said a police source.

“It appears this was a settling of scores.”

Police sources say a car pulled up outside the station and targeted the three youths.

The shooting was thought to be related to the drugs trade in Lille, and was carried out by ‘a hooded man’, said the police source.

None of the injuries are said to be life threatening.

A thug in a hoodie pulled a drive-by. Has Lille become Chicago?

I realize drugs or high school disputes over girls or whatever must be important. But don’t these fools know ISIS is moving in for a lock on mass violence? When the French suffer a terrorist attack, they want real terrorists. Mundane thuggery is so American. That’s why they imported so many angry, violent, third world primitives. They want professional mayhem.


This ain’t ISIS… HuffPo.

All those shots and no life threatening injuries. ISIS would have done ten times the damage, with deaths a-plenty, utilizing no more than a rented Citroen C-Crosser. Sad…

Well, at least no one will call for banning trucks or knives as a result of this episode.