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The woes of monitoring the Mohammedan invasion of Europe- poor MI5:

Because of his age, Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood does not fit the profile of a suicide attacker. Fifty-two is about double the norm.

But being a local-born extremist, and radicalised in prison, is typical.

The attackers of 7/7, Madrid, Paris, Nice, Charlie Hebdo and Lee Rigby were almost all local volunteers striking at soft targets – in common with the pattern seen for atrocities in the Islamic world.

There are relatively few exceptions to this, although they include the 9/11 hijackers and the Berlin truck attacker Anis Amri, a radical from Tunisia (via prison in Italy).

Masood shows the scale of the challenge MI5 faces. The security services are monitoring more than 3,000 Islamist extremists in the UK.

Masood (not his birth name) wasn’t among those “top” 3,000 threats, although he was long ago investigated, with little evidence to suggest the convert was more than a “peripheral” figure.

While Isis has claimed him as its “soldier”, there is no evidence the group knew in advance of the attack, or had any contact with him. Try stopping that.

Theresa May struck a dignified tone as she led tributes to PC Keith Palmer. The former Home Secretary left any talk of extra powers for MI5 for another day.

3,000!? If that was even close to the real number of problem persons, they would be lucky. I offer a better metric: anyone who does not fit the general British demographic of, say, 1900 (or 1800, or 1500) should be considered an invader and a threat. Better yet, just look for scenes like this:


inews (UK).

That’s a sure sign there’s trouble in the neighborhood.