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Totally. Out. Of. Control.

President Trump released his 2018 Budget Blueprint to MAGA yesterday.

See the Budget Blueprint HERE.

Well, it’s really a little more than 1/3 of the Budget, the “discretionary” spending. The other, majority, parts are essentially off-limits. Those are the “entitlements” – namely: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Here’s the big picture, courtesy of President Obama’s 2017 Budget, which is 99% accurate for comparison:


National Priorities.

And that was not a true budget, a complete budget. Washington doesn’t do those anymore (unless Trump succeeds). Lately, for the past decade or so, “budgets” have been cobbled together from various separate spending proposals.

Another off-limits chunk is the interest on the federal debt – $303 Billion or 7% for 2017 – it will be much the same for 2018. So, that’s off-limits as is “health” and SSI.

Trump did do some seeming major cutting proposals for much of what’s left:


NBC News.

That NBC chart looks pretty drastic. It seems horribly radical if you’re a liberal. It seems wonderfully radical if you’re a conservative. I’m neither (or both plus some [or minus some]) and it seems utterly unimpressive to me. Recall that those percentage cuts are each tied to numbers representing other percentages of the whole thing. The net effect is minimal. An explanation from the MAGA Budget 2018, page 49, Table 1 (Caps):


White House / OMB (BS).

If trump has his way, discretionary spending will be $1.151 Billion for 2018, as opposed to $1.181 Billion in 2017 – a savings of $30 Billion (2.5% of 2017 totals). That’s a cut of .7% off the approximate total budget.

In other words, Trump has taken a fingernail file to a job fit for an axe or a chainsaw or some TNT…

I’m just not impressed … at all. Yes, this is a step in the right direction. Rather, it’s a slight turning of the foot for a small, baby step in that direction. The journey of 1,000 miles begins as such, kind of, sort of, maybe, a little…

Then again, I’m only one of 330 Million or so who resides inside the defunct borders of the Old Republic (maybe one of 270 Million or so actual Americans). I can’t vote on this and no one in power cares what I think. Therefore, I am liberated. I can give you my analysis and counter-proposal free from interference. Here goes:

Let’s imagine that I had dictatorial or god-like powers over the matter. Here’s how I might approach it:

Social Security – Not in the Constitution. Cut 100%. Gone. $1.4 Trillion saved.

Medicare/Medicaid – Not in the Constitution. Cut 100%. Gone. $1.2 Trillion saved.

Interest on the debt – The debt is based on Congress’s Satanic relationship with the Federal Reserve, all of which is contrary to the Constitution. As such, I would abolish the Fed. And I would repudiate and cancel 100% of the debt. In fact, I’d have a total debt Jubilee: all debts (public and private) totally erased. And I would make debt illegal. Usurious lending would be a capital felony. All interest payments eliminated. $.3 Trillion saved.

Military – The Constitution says they can have a standing army for 2 years. They’ve had one for 200 years. And it has nothing to do with Defense – all Offense and that is geared towards money-making for special interests and has nothing to do with “winning” anything. I’d cut it to around $100 Billion for 2018. After that, a 100% complete deletion as all air and land functions are turned over to the Several States and their Militias (or not). The Navy, actually provided for in Article I, I would also turn over to the States or to Privateers on a profit (or not) basis – (that’s how we ran off the British in large part and technology has come a long way since). $.5 Trillion saved.

Other discretionary – Not in the Constitution. Cut 100%. Gone. $.5 Trillion saved. And all unnecessary. The Dept. of Education educates no one. The Department of Energy produces no energy. The Treasury is little more than a middleman between the Fed and Goldman Sachs. The VA would not be needed without a Dept. of Offense. NASA did great things but the future is private space works. Earth existed for something like 4 Billion years without Dept. of the Interior management; odds are it could continue to do so. Etc. Etc. Etc. The States and private citizens could feel free to provide any “services” they thought lacking.

“Government” – It’s fascinating that the actual operation of the government is by far the smallest chunk of the government budget. It’s for the lights and heating for Congress, the White House, etc. With all those other programs eliminated, there would be nothing there to spend on. Therefore, I would completely eliminate that segment completely. Gone. $ saved.

You may have noticed that after one year I would completely eliminate the federal government. To entertain foreign leaders and for other, assorted buffoonery, the various Governors could rotate as “Head of State” in a lottery system.

I also would eliminate your mortgage, credit cards, student loans, etc. – an added bonus of my dictatorship.

Having finished so quickly, I would, like Cincinnatus, retire and return to the farm. I might light up a cigar. I might use this paper to start it:


White House / OMB (BS).