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I cover a good range of topics here, from how bad government is to how good cigars are. Actually, that is pretty much the blog. Anyway, I touched on some things recently and made some wishy-washy predictions. As usual, they came true, are coming true. It’s obvious:


When was it? January? A British Court declared more obnoxious process was necessary, via Parliament, to slow the exiting demanded by voters – reverse “democracy”. BREXIT was never supposed to happen last summer. It did. I said nothing would stop BREXIT. Nothing is stopping BREXIT.

2. I’ve been on Congress and the GOP to fix ObamaCare or else rid us of it. They’re doing something – slow as usual. The CBO just analyzed the GOP replacement/amendment Bill. I’ve seen this reported a number of ways, usually as a scare tactic about people losing coverage. Some will, but it will be because they want to. And they won’t be taxed for it. The CBO concludes prices will come down and normalize within a few years – even as federal deficit spending on the failure decreases. The WSJ reports.

3. NBC News was shocked to discover DHS is illegally searching American citizens at the border and as they reenter the country. Naturally NBC found as poor-Muslims angle to work, though their reported test case was the exception to their demographic presentation (consistency, that). I covered this previously. Nothing new – and not limited to the borders. As I said, I can kind of see the border searches (especially of the questionable). It’s the interior harassment that gets me. But, also as I reported, there are ways around that.


Harassment of the traditional America, another gift of 1965. NBC.

Get it here a week, a month, or five years in advance. Or, wait for the MSM to catch up. he choice is obvious.