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As we saw this morning, American cities are ranked on a regular basis by a variety of factors. The nations of the world are likewise ordered based on various criteria. According to U.S. News Switzerland is the best country on Earth.

There rankings are based on: adventure, citizenship, culture, entrepreneurship, heritage, movers (and shakers), business openness, power, and quality of life. There is some subjectivity, of course, though these are solid points of assessment.

The U.S. came in at number seven overall. We’re number 7! We’re number 7!



Our strength: power. We can bomb anyone, anywhere, at any time. We also do well influencing the rest of the world with our mind-expanding reality shows, our inspirational music, and our tossing of a wide variety of balls. Entrepreneurship is surprisingly strong in the U.S. – surprising because of our low score for “open for business”. High taxes, monetary inflation, and incomprehensible regulations will do that.

Quality of life, adventure, and heritage caught my attention. We have a very rich history and a civic base rarely equaled in all of human history. Yet, that seems like all history these days. Diversify it all away.

As for adventure, America is a huge place filled from coast to coast with all kinds of interesting things to do. The survey knocks our climate and the lack of sex appeal. We have every climate under the sun, a little travel will completely change whatever you don’t like. Of course, Americans are 75% out of shape. Most are addicted to idiocy (most of that the indoor variety). Maybe it’s the Americans, not the America.

The quality of life score should be a cause of concern. It’s not the most affordable country – thanks to the Fed. Then again, some of the high-ranking European nations are pretty pricey too. We did poorly in safety, incomes, and political stability. The gifts of the post-1965 era (error) keep on coming.

These factors, some of them, mirror the U.S. decline in Heritage’s Freedom Index. Americans like to think they’re number one at everything. The truth is a little sobering.

There’s a chance, political slogan aside, to make America great again, economically, civics-wise, and culturally. There also plenty of room for further descent – into the third world. We have a choice to make. Several.